Heart of the House: Don’t Settle for “Normal”

“If you’re always trying to be normal you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” – Dr. Maya Angelou

Often I will hear from the women in our program, “I just want to be normal!” How powerful this natural urge that we all have to be ‘normal’ is and yet, how destructive this urge can be, especially if we have dreams. When we are always concerned with what others think of us, we limit ourselves from ever living our full potential. When you always try to fit in, you risk losing yourself in the process. You sacrifice authenticity, which is what makes you who you really are.

What is “normal” anyway? Alfred Adler said, “the only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well”. There are countless people who exhaust themselves every moment of the day as they seek to portray their “normal”. But when you finally get to know them, you realise they have been wearing masks. When we. Constantly seek others’ approval, we waste energy that could be used more effectively to be channelled towards our strengths.

When we invest our energy appearing normal, we stunt our personal growth and limit our God given potential. When you focus on what others think of you all the time you end up doing things you don’t necessarily want to do, and life is too short and too valuable for that.

However, when you finally decide to courageously be yourself and let your unique you begin to shine, you can truly impact others. You unconsciously give others permission to also be themselves. We all have the capacity to be impact makers in our own lives and in turn influencers for good in the lives of others. I’m grateful that Destiny Haven creates a culture for women to learn that it is amazing to become their own, beautiful, courageous selves. Normal is average and our Diamonds are anything but that!

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