Empowering women to shine

Freedom starts here

Our program is uniquely designed to equip vulnerable women lead productive and fulfilling lifestyles.

There are many ways you can support the life-changing work of Destiny Haven.

Discover the boutique range of exquisite products made by our women.

Our Vision

Destiny Haven is a residential place of healing for women struggling with life-controlling issues, including addictions, eating disorders and self-harm. Based in Australia’s Hunter Valley, Destiny is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation.

The vision of Destiny Haven is to see broken lives restored to their full potential. Our experienced and dedicated team are equipped to provide the professional, physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional support needed to restore the health and capacity of women.

Holistic Recovery​

Our holistic recovery approach considers the whole woman and her individualised needs.

Life-Skills Training

Beyond recovery:
  • Work readiness
  • Living skills
  • Personal goals & development


Destiny upholds the unconditional love and life-transforming power of God in the lives of our women.