Artistic Creations

Art Therapy Piece by Lucy

Artwork completed in Art Therapy by Lucy.

John 8:46 “who the Son sets free is free indeed.” 

“I went through a season of holding great unforgiveness and it was affecting every aspect of my life. I believed by holding onto this ball of shards spiking me spiritually, emotionally and mentally, that I would somehow protect myself from being hurt again. I was afraid forgiving meant I’d forget and forgetting would allow me to be hurt again. However, unforgiveness was hurting me more than I can even explain. 

Initially, I envisioned this image as a ball of shards that I held onto so long that my hands were bleeding, but when I finally chose to hand the ball of shards over to Jesus, suddenly I realised they’d been a protective shell I’d been wearing as a coping mechanism with the accompanying belief that ‘seeing my hurt will make you stop hurting me!’ At Destiny, I have learnt that hurt people do hurt people! I cannot control a person’s behaviour towards me, but I do have control over how and whether I choose to let it affect me. I can choose to respond in a way that will no longer 

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