Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can everyone access treatment at Destiny Haven?

A. We are a women’s only facility. We only take residents 18 years and older, with no age cap. We accept applications from all across Australia.

Q. Can I bring my child with me?

A. Unfortunately we are not equipped to support women and their children at our facility. We do however work keenly to support mothers with children developing and maintaining their relationships and maintain an inclusive approach.

Q. Is there a waiting list?

A. Yes, there is a waiting list. However, each assessment is considered on a case-to-case basis with many factors influencing how soon we could accept a successful applicant. The sooner we receive your application form the sooner you can be considered.

Q. How long is the program?

A. The Destiny Haven program is approximately 12 months or longer, recognising that each woman’s journey in recovery will be different.

Q. Is Destiny Haven a religious program?

A. Destiny Haven is operated as part of a Christian ministry and all our programs are designed with this overarching ethos. There is no expectation that women have a Christian background or belief system to apply for or complete the Destiny Haven program. Full participation in all aspects of the program is, however, required.

Q. When can I make phone calls?

A. To encourage women to settle there are no phone calls within the first week of admission. Following this, one phone call is permitted per week in the first calendar month (with an additional phone call for mothers with children 12 years and younger, solely for this purpose). After the first month one phone call can be received daily between 5-8pm. All phone calls are 15 minutes maximum. See What to Bring & Contact Info for detailed contact information.

Q. Can I have visitors?

A. Yes, visitors are permitted on Saturdays strictly between 2-7:30pm after the first calendar month. All visitors must be approved by Thursday night prior to visiting day, any unapproved visitors will be turned away. Please see What to Bring & Contact Info for detailed visiting information. We thank you for understanding that our visiting policies are strictly in the interest of client safety.

Q. What does the Destiny Haven program cost?

A. Rent is calculated at approximately 75% of a resident’s Centrelink benefit. A non-refundable administration fee of $400.00 is payable on admission.

Q. Do I need to detox?

A. All those who are actively using drugs or alcohol must complete a detox program and be transported from the detox unit to our facility. Any new client arriving at our facility intoxicated will not be admitted.

Q. Am I allowed prescription medication?

A. Prescribed medication is permissible except any benzodiazepines, codeine based or pain medication considered addictive.