Destiny Haven is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of professionals from all over New South Wales. Read more about our Board of Directors below. Co-Founder Janine Epere is the Public Officer of the Board and the CEO of Destiny Haven.


KEL WILLIS– Chairman

Kel Willis is the founder of Christian Growth Ministries, an organization that is passionate about resourcing Christians to know their full potential in Christ. Kel has over 55 years in Christian ministry. After graduating from WEC Bible College in 1962 Kel served as director of Youth Crusade for WEC until 1976 when he began an itinerant work to churches. He is the author of 6 books including his most recent ‘Living with You Living with Me’. Kel is the Chairman of Morling Bible College in Sydney and is passionate about resourcing and mentoring young pastors to influence the next generations. He is a skilled in church mediation and has a full ministry to churches Australia Wide. Kel brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and maturity to the board of Destiny Haven.


Janine Profile

JANINE EPERE – Public Officer

Janine spent her young adult life as a full time entertainer singing and playing in top venues around Australia. In 1994 after struggling with addictions she and her husband Lewis found freedom after spending a year in residential rehab. After leaving Sherwood Cliffs, Janine served the local church as worship leader until she entered full time study. In 2003 she graduated from Worldview Centre with honours – Bachelor of Intercultural Studies. She also has an advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy, a Diploma in community services – Alcohol and other drugs and a Diploma in Comorbidity. She completed a Master of Counselling in 2017. Janine is the CEO and the Clinical Services Manager at Destiny Haven and is responsible for the programs, group work, individual learning modules and oversees the counsellors and counselling of clients. She is passionate about helping women know their true worth and value. Lewis and Janine have three adult children.



Elizabeth (Lizzie) was a client in the program before joining the full-time Team at Destiny Haven in 2015. As a team member, she was educated to become the Marketing and Fundraising Manager. She holds a Diploma of Business and a Diploma of Counselling and is completing a Bachelor of Business (Management). Lizzie is passionate about women and all people finding healing and wholeness, and values the unique perspective and skills she can bring to the Board of the organisation that played such an important role in her own life.

It’s been over 12 months since Lizzie left to pursue life. She was approached to join the Board in 2018. Lizzie continues to mentor other Team Members to continue the vital role of marketing and fundraising.


JULIA SMITH – Advisor                                      

Julia got her first job after finishing school in a Finance/Insurance Company, where she rose to Claims Manager. She remained in this position until just prior to the birth of her first child. After this she worked from home for her husband who ran an Insurance Brokerage. In 1986 Julia was accepted as the Private and Confidential Secretary to the four top Directors at NBN Television in Newcastle. She was forced to leave this job after falling down a flight of stairs and subsequently needing major back surgery. Julia and her husband Brian moved to Brookfield in 1993, purchasing acreage never realising Destiny Haven would open a women’s rehab nearby in 2007. Julia started volunteering then and is Janine Epere’s PA, a job she loves. Julia answers the phones, interviews new women and admits them if successful, and also arranges the Bus Trips and Events for Destiny Haven.


ALISON GILBERT – Director                                      

Alison’s heart is to see peoples’ lives transformed physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and socially. When she was a teenager she experienced Janine’s intervention, prompted by Christ, which enabled her life to be set in a different direction. She has joined the Board of Destiny Haven to be part of a team, and community, that enables the loving, nurturing, supportive environment that is Destiny Haven to go from strength to strength and provide many more women the opportunity for their lives to be transformed. Alison has also held a long-term vision to see centres like Destiny Haven come into existence to support men, and families as a whole. She is a proud descendent of the Anaiwan/Nganyaywana people group of the New England Tablelands. She is an avid supporter of regenerative agriculture; cottage industry & SME; and social enterprise. Among Alison’s academic achievements are her Diploma of Business; Diploma of Leadership & Management; and Diploma of Christian Counselling. She is director of a real estate company, a mortgage broking company and is a partner in an accounting firm. Alison and her husband, Adam, have 4 children.

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