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Destiny Haven – Empowering Women to Shine

Destiny Haven is a residential place of healing for women whose lives have been shattered by life-controlling issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, self-harm and trauma resulting from domestic violence or childhood abuse. Destiny provides the professional, physical and emotional nurturing needed to restore the health and capacity of women. Destiny’s goal is to equip vulnerable women with the tools and support they need to lead productive and fulfilling lifestyles.

It is a safe haven – a place for women to regroup, breathe and heal. The caring and experienced volunteer staff members live on-site and are available 24/7 to help the women – whom we affectionately name Diamonds – overcome the legacy of past traumas and to help them move forward in freedom and renewal. Destiny Haven’s recovery program is long-term (12 months or more): women’s deep emotional, spiritual, social, and practical needs are addressed with the aim of empowering them to establish and fulfil their own unique destiny. Destiny Haven is a Christian program and all our programs are designed with this overarching ethos. Residents live in a warm and caring family environment: they share daily life and support each other along the journey of recovery. They are actively engaged, as members of the Destiny family, in running their ‘home’ and participating in structured programs and counselling to aid their recovery.

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The Haven

Destiny Haven is based in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW. In addition to offering residential accommodation for up to 16 clients, the property boasts a productive vegetable garden, swimming pool and staff accommodation housing.

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Striving for Sustainability, Building Capacity

Destiny Haven operates two social enterprises to generate income to fund service delivery and, as importantly, provide employability skills training opportunities for our women. One of the social enterprises, The Diamond Collection, involves the boutique manufacturing of handcrafted Belgian chocolates, delicious preserves, unique jewellery and more. The other is a tourism accommodation business, Valley View Luxury Retreat.