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We are so thankful to the kind donations we have recently received. We have been blessed with a new 21-seater bus from a generous donor early this year and also three new commercial ovens/stoves. These have made a massive impact on our everyday lives here at Destiny Haven. These essential additions would not be possible without your generous support.

The following are currently needed to upgrade our residential facility and social enterprises:

  • Workspace for Social Enterprise – a facility in which can be clad and have air conditioning installed. This space will be used for our Diamonds to put the products together, package and prepare our products for sale. It will also be used to store the packaging and tools for our Diamond Collection products. 
  • Sponsorship – we are so thankful to the individual who partnered with us last year to create the new packaging for our Diamond Collection 9 pack chocolate boxes. We are striving to upgrade our packaging solutions to align with a more professional image in order to increase our distribution, generating more income to support Destiny Haven’s vital services for women in need. We are looking for more individuals and/or businesses to partner with us in sponsoring different aspects of our product packaging within our Diamond Collection range. If you are interested in finding out more about our Chocolate Partnerships Proposal, in which your business sponsors a product line in return for logo and website placement on packaging, please contact us at: enquiries@destinyhaven.org.au
  • Cabin – a demountable cabin (or cabins) to increase the capacity of housing for full-time staff on-site.
  • Token/coin Operated Washing Machine – This is for the women in the program at Destiny Haven. We are so grateful for the new machine we have been able to purchase because of our generous supporters, however, we are still in need of one more machine to replace the old machines we have. These machines are used multiple times a day to do the personal washing of the women in the program, as well as washing things for the kitchen and other areas of our “house”. The current old machines we have are constantly needing repairing after faithfully serving us for many many years and this is becoming too costly for us.
  • Industrial Sewing Machines x2 – With our growing Social Enterprise and the increase in production demand for the Handmade Bags that we make, we have a great need for industrial sewing machines. Having industrial sewing machines will really help the women to be more efficient and also increase their knowledge base.

In kind or cash donations are accepted.

All donations and sponsorships valued $2.00 and over are eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

Please contact us if you can help – enquiries@destinyhaven.org.au