The Need

A Vision for Restoration

The majority of our women come from within New South Wales, although we do take women from anywhere in Australia. While they can be aged between 18 and 60 years old, most commonly they are about 25-45 years old and almost two-thirds are mothers, meaning their wellbeing has potential to impact so much more than themselves.

Approximately 90% of women are unemployed at the time of admission to Destiny Haven, with many having had at least one criminal conviction.

Sadly, but perhaps understandably, 90% of our residents have had prior contact with the mental
health system, the majority having been admitted to a mental health facility. Furthermore, almost half of all women that come to Destiny Haven have attempted suicide and many also have a family history of suicide or suicide attempts.

The women in our program are affectionately called ‘Diamonds’. When first discovered, a diamond is unrecognisable to most as anything of beauty. Only when the stone is cut & polished, the dazzling brilliance emerges and its [her] true worth is realised.