Our History

Our History

Our Founders

Destiny Haven was established in 2007 by former addicts, Janine and Lewis Epere. Following their own rehabilitation at a residential facility in Northern New South Wales in 1994-1995, the couple went on to gain suitable qualifications. This included a Bachelor of Intercultural Studies, Double Diplomas in Community Services Alcohol and Other Drug Work and Mental Health Dual Diagnosis and Counselling. They also spent time in Spain working with an international drug rehabilitation organisation followed by three years living and working in a residential rehabilitation program before being given an opportunity to set up the organisation now called Destiny Haven.

The Haven

The residential facility is based on a picturesque 42-acre property in the Hunter Valley, which the not for profit organisation is only a few years off owning completely. Historically, all Destiny Haven staff, including management, have been volunteers, albeit highly qualified and committed to helping the residents of Destiny Haven.

Destiny Haven Property