Renovation Update

Renovation Update

Some of you may remember the fundraiser that graduate and current staff member Tarese organised last year to begin raising funds to enable Janine and Lewis to get their kitchen, dining room, laundry and guest unit renovated. The house Janine and Lewis live in was built in 1930 and the kitchen was renovated around the 1960s, so as I’m sure you can imagine it was in dire need of some TLC!

We love seeing how God weaves people through our story here at Destiny Haven and these renovations were no exception. Jacoba Tiles very generously donated tiles for the job and Casey’s uncles, Ron and Mark Billing, came down for multiple trips to help with all of the work. We definitely couldn’t have done it without Ron and Mark’s help, we are so grateful for the numerous trips they both made, especially Ron. Not to mention all the hard work the women put in to help out in different ways.

As you can see in the photos the make-over is stunning and completely unrecognisable to the before photos. Maintaining our staff accommodation is so valuable in ensuring there is suitable housing onsite at Destiny Haven for the years to come, making sure we can provide comfortable homes for the volunteers who live onsite to help see broken lives restored. And we’re pleased to say Janine is thrilled with her new kitchen and has already enjoyed cooking the first of many meals!

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