We Cannot Change the Outcome

“He who overcomes his fears will truly be free” – Aristotle

Everywhere we go, all around us people seem to be gripped with fear. A dear friend had a neighbour turn up at her door, as she reached out to greet him he backed up and turned his elbow her way. The check-out woman was hand sanitising after every customer, a close friend refused my reach for a hug, people pushing others out of the way to grab toilet paper and serviettes, one almost knocking over an elderly woman. These are all examples of my increasing shock as the world seems to be going mad. I’ve watched a few movies in the past about plagues or disasters that almost ended the world and naively believed these to be far-fetched. According to a report I read, 291,000 to 646,000 people die from the common flu each year and yet the current virus is paralysing a world with fear. It is so easy to allow our minds and hearts fill up with fear in the midst of crisis and difficulty. It makes humanity hateful, greedy, selfish and even more self-focussed. Let us be a people who care for each other and live through this crisis reflecting compassion and faith. We cannot change the outcome. I do not suggest we do not be wise, but I do suggest that we choose not to be overtaken with irrational fear and reflect the belief that God is still in control. I echo Ram Dass’s words, “If you want to cure the world, don’t emanate fear – emanate love”.

Janine Epere

 CEO Destiny Haven