Perspective is Everything!

I love this poem. Perspective is everything. Do you see everything tinged with darkness or do you look for things to be grateful for, even if your situation may be difficult currently? I have met many incredibly beautiful souls in my life who see every problem as an opportunity. I have also met some negative, bitter souls – people who see the worst in everyone, who expect things to always end up badly and so, they inevitably will. We can use every struggle and trial to cause us to live negatively, or we can choose to find the gold in every pile of dirt. Choosing to open your eyes and actually see the positives in life – even in the midst of hardship actually changes so much. This is not about naively blocking out the bad things, it is choosing not to dwell in frustration and sadness. Positive people strive for dreams that may seem out of reach and they bounce back from failure – two qualities that are correlated with success. Choose today to believe that every day there are things to be thankful for.

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven