Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s Story

18 months ago I took the most difficult walk of my life, through the front doors of Destiny Haven. At the time I couldn’t imagine anything other than the pain and despair I was feeling. I had no idea then that my life was going to improve drastically. If I had a tail, it would have been tucked between my legs. My head hung low. If there was a more shameful place on earth to be, I couldn’t imagine where. Going to a Rehab for pill dependency was for addicts, and I sure as heck wasn’t one of those!

I was alone and scared. I raised my head long enough to scan the place trying to get a feel for it. Rehab was not what I expected. Didn’t they know they were in a rehab facility? Confused, I did what I always did. I played the game. People shook my hand and welcomed me. I smiled as if I was happy to be there.

Up until that point, I’d lived my life feeling different than other folks. Kind of like an ego-maniac with an inferiority complex. My relationships were unhealthy. My behaviour was unhealthy. My thinking was unhealthy. I had the kind of thinking that thought like this: If you love me you’ll do what I ask and if you don’t do it, you don’t love me. To say I had unrealistic expectations and took emotional hostages in my relationships would be an understatement! Of course, I didn’t know any of this then. I just knew that when I took pills, my skin fit – maybe for the first time in my life.

I remember watching Louie Giglio explaining what Christ did on the cross. Goosebumps broke out on my skin. Tears welled in my eyes as I sat up in my chair. What he was saying spoke directly to my heart. I hadn’t cried in so long. I cried then, buckets. Something that had long lain dormant inside of me broke wide-open. Hope. It was intoxicating. Like any good addict, I wanted more. That day I climbed on board the treatment train and began following suggestions. I heard somewhere that you have to surrender to move to the winning side. I believe it. The light turned back on. My eyes shone with life for the first time in years.
If you’re contemplating treatment, know this. It’s the best choice you’ll ever make for yourself. There’s no shame in getting well. All you have to do is follow suggestions. In treatment, I learned that I wasn’t bad, but I was sick. I learned my best thinking was killing me and to ask for help. I learned that I’m worthy of help and I learned to help others. I learned that there was a God, and I wasn’t it!

Thanks to the obedience of Janine and Lewis Epere following the vision to see broken lives restored Destiny Haven would not be here and that my life has not the only one that has been restored, many girls are now woman with hope and life cause of Janine and Lewis as well as the staff that have all gave up their own lives and family so that I and many others past, present and future can have a life.

I am sincerely grateful to God and Destiny Haven working hand in hand that I have a hope, a purpose and know who I am and that my life has been changed in many ways that 18 mths ago I wouldn’t think would ever be possible.

I feel more at peace in my life and I have a light that had been turned off years ago. I see a purpose in my life, I now look to honour God and Destiny Haven with everything I do and Share my story others of how Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour and Destiny Haven changed my life.

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