Metamorphosis– A grander view

A caterpillar has a very narrow view of life, limited by what its eyes see as it crawls from leaf to leaf with absolutely no idea of the possibilities that lay ahead or the potential that its little slimy body possesses. When a caterpillar spins an encompassing cocoon, it has no comprehension that its body will be totally transformed during hibernation; no idea that when it emerges from the cocoon it will be stunningly beautiful with wings that will soar it high into the skies. It has no capacity to realise that its vision will be expanded beyond measure.

When our precious diamonds begin their journey at Destiny Haven, their visions are limited by their life controlling issues; stunted because of the traumas they have experienced during life. They are unable to comprehend that their lives could be abundantly full and free. Most find it impossible to believe that change is even possible. Like the caterpillar, change cannot be forced. It takes time and the right amount of nourishment to arrive at the place where wings to fly are possible. What an awesome privilege to be part of the change process for the precious ones God brings into our lives.

There’s one more thing about metamorphosis I discovered as I researched a caterpillar’s transformation. When the chrysalis is ready to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, the creature within must struggle its way out of the cocoon. As it pushes its way out, fluid is pushed into the wings of the butterfly that will enable it to fly. If the butterfly is ‘helped’ out prematurely, it will be destined to crawl for the rest of its life. So, it is with the metamorphosis of a broken life. The process of recovery is not quick. You cannot undo a lifetime of wrong core beliefs in weeks. There are essential struggles if a life is to emerge metamorphosed into something truly spectacular. We are destined for dreams more magnificent than we could ever dream ourselves. Our prayer for every Diamond is that they would discover this for themselves and learn to truly fly!! This painting emerged from my discovery of metamorphosis…it is called simply ‘New life’.

Artwork: Janine Epere, ‘New Life’

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven