Look at the Possibilities Not Your Limitations

“Just be yourself” – a quote bandied around often, is often hard to define. How do you actually learn to be yourself? I spent so many years comparing myself to others, always coming up short. It’s ok to be different. Often, we ignore or dismiss our own value because we want to belong. We underestimate our value and uniqueness, forgetting that there will never ever be, nor has there ever been another person on the earth like us. We underestimate our abilities and never reach our potential because we see the limitations rather than the possibilities. We are so much more than the 37 plus trillion cells that make up our physical being. We are an invisible essence more wonderfully woven together than anyone will ever know.

Learning to embrace the wonder of my differences has been something I’ve had to learn but I know today that I matter and that embracing my unique design and believing that I was given the gift of life for a divine purpose has been life changing. People comfortable in their own skin have confidence. They live with as many weaknesses as others, but they have learnt to concentrate on their strengths, not their flaws. May we all find the courage to accept ourselves just the way we are and to live our lives to influence others to become their authentic selves.

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven