Jess’s Story

Jess’s Story

I thought I would start by letting you get to know me a bit more about myself. I spent the majority of my life growing up in a beautiful local beach town. I am absolutely obsessed with anything Disney, summer and chocolate!

Growing up, one of the words I heard and learnt most often was perfect. I lived in a perfect holiday destination, strived to have the perfect school, the perfect body. But most detrimental was my desire for the perfect family. My home was always filled with many different events, faces and occasions, and for each face, party, or occasion I learnt I had to wear a different mask. With each mask, I felt a part of me was lost, broken, forgotten and locked away in the hope that it would never be discovered. For as long as I could remember I thought that it was what everyone did – changing to fit, to please, or changing just to not be seen, to hide.

I am thankful for the masks that helped me to survive what was actually a far from perfect family and life, but I am more thankful that God brought me to a place where I couldn’t keep up with the masks, by bringing me to the place I can now call home!

In February 2015 I entered Destiny Haven, not really knowing what was going to happen. I tried to make things look ‘ok’, eager to get back to my “perfect little world.” But I am now very thankful that God’s plans are so much greater than I could ever have imagined. Here at Destiny, I found myself – the parts of me that I lost or tried to hide. I found the unconditional love of a family, the safety of a home, and the ability to take risks, knowing that I am not in this alone.

I look back at my journey at Destiny and cannot even put words to how grateful I am that the team never gave up on me and always believed for the best in me. And today they still today call and encourage me to live as the person God has designed me to be!

I am absolutely blown away that I get to be part of our Chocolate industry, with all of the blessing, training and doors that this has opened in my world! What does my future look like now? I have started a Diploma of Children, Youth & Family Intervention, I’m continuing to grow as a full-time member of the team, and I know I have a future filled with unlimited possibilities, hope, wellness and grown…and chocolate!

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