God Created Us Brilliant!

“The brain cannot change itself. You, with your love, power and sound mind can change your brain. The thought you are thinking right now is impacting every one of the 75-100 trillion cells of your body at quantum speeds.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

Without doubt, identity is one of the hugest issues plaguing our society. We increasingly base our identity on what society tells us we should look like, sound like, act like. Therefore, too many live from a place of fear: fear that they don’t measure up, fear that they won’t be accepted or loved, fear that they will fail, fear that they will never have what they want in life. Research actually shows that living from this place actually causes brain damage. God is brilliant and He created us with brilliant minds intended to live to their full potential. We can only do this when we live our lives from love, power, sound judgement and personal discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). Every woman that arrives at Destiny has believed lies about themselves: the lie that they are worthless, rejectable, unlovable, doomed to loneliness, failures….and the list is endless really. However, we can begin to CHOOSE to believe the truth and reject every lie that is triggered multiple times a day. True, this takes time which is why Destiny Haven’s program is not a “quick fix”. A life controlling issue takes years to develop. You don’t become an addict or an alcoholic overnight. You do not develop a debilitating eating disorder or self-harm or mental health issues overnight. These become ways of coping with the chaos in our minds and souls that have been there for years. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s research shows that it takes 21 days of MINDFUL thinking to actually begin to arrest a long held wrong belief or bad habit. It takes a further 42 days to begin to form a new habit or way of thinking or believing, 63 days! If you are mindful for 7 days? Your brain will quickly revert to its old habit. If you are mindful for 20 days? Same deal. We have been created to live our unique and incredible selves. We cannot do this until we believe that we have the God given potential to step into the destiny only we have been created to live. I am continually excited by the emerging proof that we are NOT doomed to remain crippled by lies that have been spoken over us that we continue to perpetuate! We CAN choose to rewire the brain and live as our wonderful selves. What a gift. However, it requires daily choice to think and act differently. We all have to choose: Fear? Or Love, power and a sound mind that lives from a place of knowing and loving ourselves and living from a place of love, power and a sound mind.

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven