Embracing Your Uniqueness

Being different is rather freeing…becoming your unique self is spectacular. Do not strive to be anything other than who you were created to be – your own unique, incredible, awesome and wonderful self! THAT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH! In these days, we spend so many hours scrolling through social media comparing our lives to the lives of others! Finding ourselves as measuring lesser than the next person! The gift? The true gift is realising that you are more than enough!! Every single one of us have been created unique, incredible and absolutely stunning!! So…embrace your uniqueness and stop wishing you were living someone else’s fake Facebook / instagram life! And when there are those who struggle to handle you being you??? Make a decision that you WILL NOT change for them. Not ONE thing g!! Be content to be yourself. Everything in life changes when you make that sobering decision to be yourself…and express that self honestly and authentically. We all have the capacity to influence so many others for good. Make a decision that your life will reflect your uniqueness; don’t ever settle for being less than yourself! You are enough!

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven