Embracing the Beauty of Your Uniqueness…

The world is constantly telling us who we should be, and what will bring us fulfilment. I spent many long years feeling uncomfortably different, out of place, like I didn’t fit in and struggling to find meaning in things that seemed to captivate others but left me cold. I tried hard to belong, fighting a constant inner struggle. I was creative, gifted and smart but lived behind a veneer of false confidence and multi-masks. If you have never related, then you are a rare soul and you can stop reading now! Our society unfortunately encourages us to look outside ourselves for happiness, striving to make enough money, doing everything to stay looking young (rather than honouring age and wisdom), seeking approval from others to feel valued, hoping a relationship will give us self-worth and the list goes on. Most adults if they are honest, have at some time known the occasional feeling of being not what they pretend to be. We settle easily for pretence, our authentic selves seeming illusory. How often we ignore or dismiss our own value because our insecure desire to belong has caused us to seek acceptance from others by conforming to what we think will make us popular.

We too often underestimate our worth, neglecting to understand that beneath the roles and masks lies a self as unique as a snowflake. There will never be another person on this planet like us, and by failing to honour what makes us unique, we deny the gift of the beautiful, distinctive life God has entrusted us with. God is a brilliant creator and He only makes originals. Ephesians 2:10 says we are works of art! True fulfilment comes by connecting inward, learning self-love and understanding and receiving the incredible love of God. We all have a passion – something that makes us light up inside. Maybe you’ve squashed your uniqueness for so long you struggle to find your passion and your truth.

Embracing the beauty of my uniqueness didn’t happen overnight – it has been something I’ve had to learn over the years as I have embraced the woman God created me to be. When I ceased to waste energy trying to belong or be like someone else? When I stopped envying what someone else had that I didn’t? I could then discover and embrace being my own unique self and that was life-changing. I have spent many years helping people discover their worth and one thing I know for certain. If you don’t embrace your uniqueness – you will spend your entire life striving to impossibly become someone else. And that would be a tragedy. Embrace your authenticity, learn to appreciate your uniqueness and have the courage to express and share that magnificence with the world. The world doesn’t need another dimmed light of sameness. It needs your brilliant “you” to shine!

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven