Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream!

‘Don’t dream your life…live your dream! I’m a dreamer!’

Do you remember being little and dreaming of becoming something when you grew up? Maybe all you wanted to be was a teacher, nurse, doctor, actor, famous singer, ballerina, musician or something else? I remember as soon as I discovered Carole King and Elton John, all I wanted to be was a singer/piano player who earned a living doing it! Not the most stable job choice and not really encouraged. When I achieved that dream and made quite a bit of money entertaining, I actually became addicted to drugs that nearly destroyed my life. When Lewis and I spent a year in a residential program and our lives were turned around, all we wanted to do was help others live without using drugs. When I ask people what they dreamed for their lives when they were growing up, most will wistfully gaze off into a distant place and tell me they couldn’t ever achieve their childhood dream. “Why”, I ask? More often than not that person will respond with, “I don’t have the education”, or “I could never find the money”, or both! The diamonds at Destiny will hear two things from me often:

1. If you can achieve your dream, you are dreaming too small!

2. Dream, big, dream crazy, dream as if there are no limits!

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened when we’d been at Destiny just over a year and the new pastor of the church that owned the property told us we either needed to find a million dollars or vacate within six months. Certainly, this place would not be here! Many women who have come here would not have the lives they now have, and I would not have had the courage to continue to dream big, crazy, seemingly impossible dreams! I’m grateful that there were people who stood with us and believed for the dream of owning the property and continuing to help women into the future. Without their encouragement in so many ways, we would not be here to tell the story. I’m also thankful that being able to live this amazing life with the most beautiful, courageous women encourages me every day. If you can help someone dream? They are well on their way to a future that is incredible. Destiny has birthed many gifted, crazy big dreamers and they in turn have, and will continue to leave here impacting others to believe for the impossible.

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven