Annie’s Story

Annie’s Story

When I sit back and reflect on how my life has changed in the past 18 months, I am often brought to tears. Feelings of joy, gratitude and awe sweep over me, and I am reminded of how good God really is.

I arrived at Destiny Haven in September 2015 very broken, angry and confused. I was miserable and felt so incredibly hopeless. I didn’t understand how, and at what point, my life had become such a struggle.

I had been doing drugs and self-harming since the age of 12 as a means of coping with the turmoil I felt inside. From the age of 18, my drug use became more evident and unforgiving. I found that drugs took away every uncomfortable feeling I had inside, and they made me feel like a different person altogether. I hated who I was, so the feeling of being someone else became something I sought day in and day out.

For most of my life, I had battled with an eating disorder, which for me numbed the internal unease that I was so desperately trying to run away from. This landed me in a medical rehabilitation clinic in Sydney at the beginning of 2015. I did a 9-week program, put on enough weight for medical approval and thought that I was ‘fixed’. After this, my life started spiralling even more out of control than it already was. I was given the opportunity to come to Destiny Haven, and I have never regretted making that decision to come.

The program at Destiny Haven has given me my life back and so much more. Not only am I able to live substance and behaviour free, but I have learnt how to take responsibility, challenge my thinking, understand my worth and deepen my relationship with God. The unconditional love and acceptance that is demonstrated at Destiny Haven really is a staple as to why this place works as well as it does. It doesn’t feel like a rehab, it feels like a family. It IS a family, and that’s what makes all the difference.

I completed the program on the 21st of February this year, and I have stayed on as a servant leader. I work in the chocolate room with Jess, which I thoroughly enjoy! I was given the opportunity to go to Melbourne this May to attend Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School, to gain further training, knowledge and experience, which I was extremely excited about.

It is such an honour and privilege to be able to stay at Destiny Haven to serve and give back to the place that helped me get my own life back. To be able to be an example to the girls that it is possible, and to have the opportunity to continue working on myself. I love all the girls here, they inspire me every day. It’s incredible watching them transform throughout their own journeys here, and to see them gain more confidence in who they really are. I feel truly blessed to be able to call Destiny Haven my home and to be able to do life here with both the girls and the team. I know in my heart that this is God’s place and that none of this would be possible without Him, and I am forever grateful for who He is and all that He does.

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