Accepting What Is and Let Go of What Was

Sitting at the airport after flight delay of 7 hours, leaving a bag behind that had to be taxied to me and wondering if I will ever get on the plane. I pondered why all these years later, I live my life with a deep, continuing desire to invest in helping others reach their full potential. One of the most important things I was reminded of today is how much my life used to be governed by the voice of the inner critic! I spent so many years subconsciously belittling myself, telling myself I wasn’t enough and trying to fit in, to be less sensitive and needy, less flawed. Less ME! Maybe you can relate – feeling broken we strive to have others like us, to make a good impression, to be seen as loveable and worthy. It took me so long to realise my aching heart needed to be healed and I needed to choose to silence the voice inside that had been there since I was a child telling me I just didn’t measure up. It is because I spent time facing my past and making decisions to choose what I now think and what I believe. I now spend my life encouraging others to choose to believe they are more than enough, exactly as they are. It is liberating to live accepting that some may not get you, or be pleased by you and that is ok. To know we are loved by the God of the universe and to understand loving ourselves is critical to being able to truly, selflessly love others is life-changing. Yes, you are indeed worthy and your ideas and dreams are worthy. Your feelings are worthy and your needs are worthy but not needing validation from others frees you to love your truth even if it means you walk a road less travelled for a season or many. The real battle is always in our mind but we can choose to reshape our thoughts and live in the moment, choosing to believe truth. You may have been broken down by abuse, rejection or tragedy but YOU are not broken. So don’t let your mind get the best of you by continuing to listen to the inner critic. Choose to believe every single day is a gift and learn to meet your own needs, honouring your feelings and emotions while living with awareness of the beauty in others. Choose to encourage those you influence to silence that critic too!

Janine Epere

CEO Destiny Haven